How Texas Amari Makers Are Embracing the Bitter Trend

Texas Monthly 7/22 4:00A Ruvani de Silva
The Italian digestifs known as amari date back to the thirteenth century, when monks began making them for medicinal purposes. These bracing after-dinner liqueurs amaro, the singular of amari, means...

The Texanist: Where Are the Biggest Swimming Pools in Texas?

Texas Monthly 7/22 3:00A David Courtney
Q: What (and where) are the biggest swimming pools in the Lone Star State?A: While everything is, of course, not really bigger in Texas, Texas is indeed full of many very big things. Were the Texanist...

Outfits From Last Week

Brighton the Day 7/19 5:13A megan hopkins
I ll be honest with y all, this past week was bananas. Between the NSALE and Amazon Prime Day, I honestly need like a week to recover. So a lot of my outfits from the past week were pretty low key all things considered, but I definitely wanted to...

These Newest Texans Flip Bats and Throw Gas

Texas Monthly 7/19 4:00A Isabella Zeff and Maria Probert
WHO: The Latin American League s baseball championship weekend.WHAT: Recent immigrants to North Texas coming together to form a multicultural Boys of Summer, with teams representing countries of...

Why Have Our State’s Top Leaders Abandoned Houston?

Texas Monthly 7/19 3:00A Forrest Wilder
The scenes in and around Houston of angry, sweaty citizens threatening and attacking the very utilities workers sent to restore their electrical power have looked like something out of a Monty Python...

My Secret Weapon When I’m Getting a Pimple

Brighton the Day 7/18 8:53A megan hopkins
Let me start by saying this post is not sponsored by Mighty Patch, y all, it s just that good that I had to share. Because let s be honest, we’ve all been there. You wake up in the morning, look in the mirror and boom — pimple. Somehow even as an...

MySweetSchoolDaze: Wilkinson Center

My Sweet Charity 7/18 8:30A Jeanne Prejean
Nancy and Tom Fomby* According to Wilkinson Center ‘s 2024 Carlin Morris Back-To-School Drive Co-Chairs Nancy and Tom Fomby , There’s nothing like back-to-school season: the anticipation of new...

A Real Storm Chaser Fact-checks ‘Twisters’

Texas Monthly 7/18 4:44A Cat Cardenas
Chelsea Burnett started chasing storms while she was still learning to talk. When she was just two years old, the slightest hint of thunder would send her running across her childhood home in Shawnee,...

The Texas Coral Snake Just Wants to Be Left Alone

Texas Monthly 7/18 4:00A Rose Cahalan
Each month, we get to know one of the state s many wonderful and quirky critters. Latin name: Micrurus tenerSize: Usually less than three feet longTexas habitat: The state s southeastern half Red...
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